M.i.p.V 15 anos _ concerts in Brazil – 2019


Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (M.i.p.V) @ Casa Obscura

+ Bramir  (experimental/noise) 

Porto Alegre-RS-Brazil

more infos: https://www.facebook.com/events/1826152004196263/

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LauraL solo set (experimental/ambient) @ Morrostock Festival

Santa Maria-RS-BR




LauraL solo set (experimental/ambient) @ Casa Obscura, Porto Alegre-BR

+ EX + Subespectro

more infos: https://www.facebook.com/events/674910963021351/


M.i.p.V 15 anos / M.i.p.V 15 years

dias 6, 7 e 8 de setembro de 2019

@ Sala Álvaro Moreyra, Centro Municipal de Cultura, Porto Alegre-RS

A Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (aka M.i.p.V) completa 15 anos em 2019 e faz uma temporada dias 6, 7 e 8 de setembro, na Sala Álvaro Moreyra, em Porto Alegre, cidade onde a banda iniciou em 2004.

Serão três dias de instalações, shows, projeção de vídeo, música experimental, instrumental e trip rock.
E de resistencia artística contra o desmonte da cultura e do país!!

Nos shows na Sala Alvaro Moreyra, a M.i.p.V fará uma retrospectiva de seus três álbuns, dedicando uma noite para cada trabalho, com participação de músicos experimentais locais (Tizana Scur, Isabel Nogueira, Al Sand & Abneg), projeções de vídeos da artista, VJ e cineasta biAh werRTher, dirct painting com o artsita plástico, cartunista e ilustrador Fabio Zimbres e performance experimental da guitarrista LauraL.

more infos and program: https://www.facebook.com/events/2528961210501513/

Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (Endless music for Tripping), aka M.i.p.V, turns 15 in 2019 and makes concerts on September 6, 7 and 8 at Sala Álvaro Moreyra in Porto Alegre, the city where the band started in 2004.

There will be three days of installations, concerts, video projections, instrumental and experimental music, psychedelic, post-punk and trip rock.

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2019 _ news _ M.i.p.V turns 15!

new music video is now online!




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* new stuffs coming out this year!

In 2019 M.i.p.V turns 15!

In 2019 we will release a “lost tape” called “3 Variations”, with tracks recorded in 2015 in Berlin, but only now this material is edited and in a process of mixing and mastering.

This forgotten album, with dark ambient and doom jazz influences, with only three long tracks, will be released in Digital, Tape (K7) and CD formats. The K7 will bring the new tracks on side A, and side B with a M.i.p.V’s compilation of our three albums.

And the release concert will take place in Berlin. More infos soon!




** new video releases (23.04.2019)

Bring me your sea that I give you my ocean, music released as a single in 2014 and later in 2016 as a track of the album Modus Continuous, will be the first music video of this third album. With the sea in the ‘lead role’, the video is ready and just waiting for a release concert in Berlin, on April.23.2019.

Also the track After the Earthquake and some video of concerts are in the line.

And we hope to see all you in the next concerts, soon we have some dates to be announced.




* * next concerts

M.i.p.V turns 15! , Yellow Castle Nacht #2

23.April.2019 @ Loophole, Berlin

The celebrations of the 15 years of Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (aka M.i.p.V) start on April.23.2019, in the project Yellow Castle Nacht#2, with LauraL (guitar) and guests @ Loophole, Berlin.

Featuring Ignatz bee (M.i.p.V Pocket, Rudolf), Scheng Fou (Guts Pie Earshot) and Marie Leão (Rainhas do Norte)

+ release video “Bring me your sea that I give you my ocean”

+ Unicorn Partisans (punk disco/ techno crust, Leipzig), premiere in Berlin

+ Klang#030 DJ set

online event: https://www.facebook.com/events/331718134356737/


M.i.p.V solo set                                                                                                                            LauraL, guitar                                                                                                                                    trip rock, post-punk 

April.30 @ Neon Kunst Galerie

Herrfurthstrasse 23, Berlin-Neukölln


more infos:





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2018 _ news

18.10, Donnerstag / October 18th, Thursday

M.i.p.V and guests @ Loophole, Berlin-DE

15.10, Montag / October 15th, Monday

LauraL @ El Perril, Barcelona-ES

noise-experimental set

12.10, Freitag / October 12th, Friday

work in progress / presentation of the performance with Laura Leiner and Joca Vergo, result of a three weeks artistic residence @ Espacio Fractal, Alicante-ES

05.10, Freitag / October 5th, Friday

LauraL @ Jam Session – Espacio Fractal, Alicante-ES

04.10, Donnerstag / October 4th, Thursday

LauraL @ Ocho Y Medio, Alicante-ES

noise experimental solo set + M.i.p.V solo set



15.09, Samstag / September 15th, Saturday,

LauraL @ Blind Signal, Berlin

special performance, ‘No noise, no gods’


02.09, Sonntag / 2nd Sept., Sunday

Agitnoise im Tommyhaus @ Tommy-Weisbecker-Haus

LauraL + lea_n + Shis unusual


30.08, Donnerstag / 30th Aug., Thursday

Ale Hop & LauraL #486 @ Spektrum Berlin



20.06, Mittwoch / June 20th, Wednesday


@ Eschschloraque, Berlin

noise-experimental solo set

(guitar + processed sounds + experimental videos)

+ DJs MissVergnügen & Jri

(MissVergnügen project)






14.05, Montag / May 14th, Monday

M.i.p.V solo set

@ Petersburg Art Space, Berlin

LauraL, guitar (trip rock, minimal, experimental)

opening the concert of Matt Elliott (The Third Eye Foundation)

more infos: https://www.facebook.com/events/2557552044469884/



02.05, Mittwoch  / May 2th, Wednesday

M.i.p.V solo set

@ Loophole, Berlin

LauraL, guitar (trip rock, minimal, experimental)

opening the concert of EnOb (spacey/shoegazery guitars+industrial), band from Paris-FR

+ Lolita Terrorist Sounds solo set (experimental-drone)


flyer loophole 02.05



27.04, Freitag  /  April 27th, Friday

LauraL noise-experimental set

@ Studio Aliens Fest, Tommyhaus, Berlin

with Necrobiotic (death metal, Brasil)

Agonized (death metal, Berlin)

Ventil (metal, punk, Berlin)


cartaz 27.04 bx




April 12th.2018

premiere of the project “akademisches Noise, hoch qualifiziertes Poetry”, with LauraL and Elsye Suquilanda.

@ The Poetic Groove, Barbiche, Berlin




M.i.p.V solo set

trip rock / minimal

LauraL, guitar

28.03.2018 @ Geyger Art Gallery, Berlin

+ Ghetto Raga + Confindustrial Sinfonietta

LauraL will play new versions of tracks from the three albums of the band.




more infos: https://www.facebook.com/radiogeyger



new LauraL‘s release

online split album Guitar Solos, with Laura Leiner and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, by the label Ton Doigt Dans Mon Cul Netlabel
(Sacré Coeur, Québec)



in March we’ll play in one of our favorites places:

M.i.p.V @ Hirscheneck, Basel (CH)



flyer hirschi


Modus Continuous_concert series 2017

// Next concert //

_ 16.09.2017 _ 

M.i.p.V @ XB-Liebig, Berlin 

+ Musgos (Portugal/DE) + Klang#030 DJ set + surprise acts

doors: 9 pm

LauraL and Gil Delindro will play in XB-Liebig with the usual guitar + drums formation. This will be the  first concert in Berlin with the artists, after the M.i.p.V’s album release last year in SO36.

more infos here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/110932519601897/



M.i.p.V _ record release concert @ SO36




Modus Continuous Tour 2016/2017



//      //

we’ll play in Basel-Switzerland with  M.i.p.V  Pocket, 10th March.2017 @ Hirscheneck

LauraL – guitar

Ignatz Bee – electronic beats, cymbals






The Tour to promote the new album Modus Continuous will begin, we are going to play in Brazil!

LauraL with Gil Delindro on drums, more infos soon!

Vamos tocar no Brasil, fiquem atentos, pois nossa passagem será rápida!

Modus Continuous Tour Brasil, 03 a 29.12.2016  https://www.facebook.com/events/370429009960244/



03.dez _ sábado_ Festival Morrostock, Santa Maria/RS


05.dez _ segunda-feira _ M.i.p.V + Wander Wildner + Harmonicos do Universo @ Ocidente, Porto Alegre/RS


08.dez _ Gil Delindro solo @ Festival Novas Frequências, Rio de Janeiro/RJ

11. dez _ domingo _ LauraL – guitar project (solo) @ Festival Venus em Fúria – Ocidente, Porto Alegre/RS


13.dez _ terça-feira _ M.i.p.V @ Hotel Bar, São Paulo/SP


16.dez _ sexta_ M.i.p.V + Meneio @ Gig Bar, São Carlos/SP


17.dez _ sábado_ M.i.p.V + Moblins @ Dissenso Lounge, São Paulo/SP


23.12 _ sexta-feira_ LauraL solo @ Espaço 512, Porto Alegre-RS


28.12 _ quarta-feira _ M.i.p.V @ Taleisyn Rock Bar, Florianopolis/SC

29.12 _ quinta-feira _ M.i.p.V @ Bar do Elvis, Paria da Armação, Florianópolis/SC




10.march, friday _ with   M.i.p.V  Pocket @ Hirscheneck, Basel (CH)



_M.i.p.V no Brasil (texto/release): m-i-p-v-texto-brasil-2016

_ more infos here (info sheet in english and portuguese): info-sheet-_-m-i-p-v-2016-enpt-new-version-2

M.i.p.V’s Record Release – 12.06.2016 @ SO36

ywcf foto pb flyer camera web 3

Record release and ‘Yes, we can fly!’  WARM-UP on 28th.April @ Loophole




loophole28april LOW


************** // ************** // ***************

Músicas intermináveis para Viagem’s  record release and Yellow Castle Label’s launch !!

@ Yes, we can fly!  

Konzerte, Releases, Austausch


@ SO36, Berlin

Yes, we can fly! is a platform for independent and cultural initiatives, organized by Yellow Castle – arts & actions, a Music Label in Berlin based.
With focus on the alternative music scene, the first edition of the project will be on 12th.June.2016 @ SO36.

ywcf foto fanpage

YWCF Line-up:


Guts Pie Earshot



Kitty Solaris

Sicker Man

+ Minimesse / Mini-fair with independent music Labels and Magazines



YWCF 2016: https://www.facebook.com/events/525067047696926/

more infos soon!




2016 _ news and upcoming concerts

record release warm up concerts!!

18.03  _ M.i.p.V Pocket @ ‘Film Ain’t Dead Forever’ – LaborBerlin Party / Südblock, Bln


19.03 _ M.i.p.V Pocket @ Occulto Night 2 / Trickster, Berlin


16.04  _ M.i.p.V Pocket @ Bartleby & Co, Berlin  / record release warm-up!!


14.05 _ M..p.V Pocket + Guts Pie Earshot + more bands @ Chakra Massakka Nacht /  Archiv, Potsdam -DE

12.06 _ M.i.p.V’s new Record Release !!  @ ‘Yes, we can fly _ Konzerte, Releases, Austausch’ Project

+ Yellow Castle Label launch

& more dates soon

logo M.i.p.V web



2015 – some dates

“M.i.p.V pocket”  

_ is a parallel project of M.i.p.V,  while we prepare the new album!

‘M.i.p.V pocket’ brings tracks from our two albums with new electronic beats.

LauraL (guitar) + special guest: Ignatz Bee (aka Nacho Buk, drum machine+samples)


new dates!! 

20.nov @ Acud macht neu, Berlin  _ M.i.p.V + Ziguri (krautrock)        https://www.facebook.com/events/610012072470962

17.okt @ Contain’t, Stuttgart-DE     https://www.facebook.com/events/750723371740700/

08.okt @ Pi Radio Tag, radio show, LauraL (solo) from 21:15h  http://piradio.de/programm/sendung/24899.html#Pi%20Day 

04.okt @ XB Sunday Matinee, Liebig 34, Berlin

12.sept @ VeteranenstrassenFest, Berlin + 20.sept @ Großgörschenfest, Berlin



M.i.p.V pocket: Ignatz Bee (samplepad, cymbals) + LauraL (guitar), jun.2015, Loophole, Berlin


15.08 @ Lohmühlen Sommerfest – Berlin

05.pm / open air

free entrance


DSCI0106 event


06.06.15 @ Loophole Berlin (+ Martin Bisi + Berangere Maximin + Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt)

https://www.facebook.com/events/1399261150402620/ flyer loophole 2015


21.06.15 @ Fete de la Musique (Noiseberg de la Musique Project) https://www.facebook.com/events/678003162345713/





LauraL – guitar project (solo):

13.11, mit Kurt Dahlke (aka Pyrolator) @ POP, Berlin

08.oct @ Pi Radio Tag, radio show, from 21:15h  http://piradio.de/programm/sendung/24899.html#Pi%20Day 

29.aug with “Bartleby Sinnfonie” @ Musterzimmer Performance Night “We are all born naked and the rest is drag”, Berlin     https://www.facebook.com/events/1711259769094965/

29.jul @ Stapari Summer Festival, Servia     http://www.staparisummerfest.com/selected-musicians/

31.05 @ Noiseberg – Berlin                     https://www.facebook.com/events/679319202190823/

26 – 27.06 @ 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival – Performance “I need you”, by Renata Faccenda


28.06 @ Zum Goldenen Hahn    https://www.facebook.com/events/810548255719986/

04.07 @ Funkhaus Openstudios      https://www.facebook.com/events/692481317524413/

16.05, “Bartleby Sinnfonie” @ Bartleby & Co Library, Berlin    https://www.facebook.com/events/826862397396035/

LauraL _ Bartleby & Co

27.03, LauraL guitar project @ Aviatrix Atelier, Berlin    https://www.facebook.com/events/847774961957691/




New Track!

new M.i.p.V’s track is now for free download on bandcamp !!

sonho artificial bandcamp

“Bring me your sea that I give you my ocean”, released on dec.11th.2014, is a track of the next Album and was produced and mixed by Martin Bisi, the legendary producer from New York (BC Studios-Brooklyn), who recorded bands like Sonic Youth, Swans, Brian Eno and John Zorn, among others influential musicians.

LauraL, guitar / Guilherme Netto, drums

The guitars in “Bring me your sea…” were recorded by at BC Studios – NYC and the drums at Estudio Casinha (Porto Alegre-BR, may 2014).


download / streaming: