new projects and a grant for music research

We started in Februar a music research and the production of new material. M.i.p.V got a grant from Musikfonds/Neustart Kultur/BKM and we are in a creative moment, working on new tracks, doing experimental sessions and sonic experiments.

In this new project, the guitarist LauraL (also Laura.aLL), drummer and sound artist Gil Delindro and the multi-instrumentalist Ignacio Villa (from M.i.p.V Pocket) are working together, and for the first time the band will have a different line-up, with three musicians. Ignacio is collaborating with electronics sounds and textures, and Gil will bring more sound effects to the new compositions.

In the next months we will post some new stuff and hopefully we could have time to release new material later this year.

We also celebrate on April 24th.2022 the M.i.p.V’s 18th year.

And we hope to see you all in some gig soon!

Ignacio Villa (left), Laura.aLL, Gil Delindro (right): M.i.p.V’s meeting at the temporary Delindro’s Atelier (his artist residency) at VARC, England.

M.i.p.V is supported by:

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