M.i.p.V Pocket

“M.i.p.V Pocket” is a parallel project of M.i.p.V created in June 2015, that brings together tracks from its three albums with new arrangements and electronic beats.

The original formation is a guitar+drums band and began in Brazil in 2004.

M.i.p.V Pocket is LauraL (guitar) and Ignatz Bee (aka Nacho Buk, drum machine + samples + cymbals).


LauraL & Ignatz Bee _ Berlin_aug.2016 web


Since the beginning, which had the goal to do just two gigs without drum set!, the pocket version of Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (‘Endless music for Tripping’) have been performing in many DIY Festivals, Straßenfeste and Soliparties in Germany.

M.i.p.V Pocket is rock, is post-punk, is experimental and is to dance!

und macht uns immer viel Spaß.









Version 4



mipv pocket laura



mipv pocket matinee

@ XB-Liebig, Berlin, 04.10.2015


loophole28april LOW

@ Loophole, Berlin, 28.04.2016


mipv pocket hirsci

M.i.p.V Pocket @ Hirscheneck, Basel -CH, 10.03.2017