2020: a challenge for all artists

This year would be a great year for us, with a planed M.i.p.V‘s tour in Europe with LauraL and the Brazilian drummer Pitchu Ferraz, supported also by the drummer Dudu Essarts, but all of us know the cultural shutdown in the world due the corona pandemic.

We will inform you about new possible concerts in the second half of 2020 and we hope to see you all again soon!

And we also hope all you are healthy and strong. And if you can, stay at home and have patience to wait for a right moment to keep on your way.

Visit our platforms on bandcamp, facebook, youtube or soundcloud, like our posts and subscribe our pages, for sure it will contribute with our work! Thanks.

LauraL @ Gig Bar 3

M.i.p.V _  with LauraL (guitar) @ Gig Bar, São Carlos-SP, Brazil, 2016, pic by Paulo Henrique