Músicas Intermináveis Para Viagem (Endless Music For Tripping) plays instrumental Trip Rock (ambient rock/post-rock/post-punk), performed just with guitar and drums. This music project was created by guitarist LauraL (aka Laura Leiner) and the band played its first gig in Porto Alegre (RS/Brazil), back in April 2004.

The first M.i.p.V’s CD (“Músicas intermináveis para Viagem“) was released in 2006 in Brasil, where the band enjoyed frequent airplay and the music was also selected for various soundtracks for movie, theatre and TV.

M.i.p.V has been performed in Brazil and Europe and the band released its second album “M.i.p.V II” in 2011/2012  (Solaris Empire/Broken Silence) in Berlin, Germany, where the band is since 2009 in part based. “M.i.p.V II” was recorded with the drummers Marie Leão and Santiago Rodrigues, Brazilian musicians which also live in Germany.

Festivals in Europe: Fusion Festival (Germany/2012), Down by The River (Berlin/2012), Fete de la Musique (Berlin/2011-2012), Liverpool Soundcity (England-2011),  Ferrara Buskers Festival (Italy-2008).

Festivals and projects in Brazil and Latin America: Yellow Moon Festival (Santiago del Chile/2013), Festival Pira Rural (Ibarama-Brazil/2013), El Archibrazo (Buenos Aires/2013), Timbó Centro Cultural (Maldonado-Uruguay/2013),  Festival CosmoPOPlitan (São Paulo/2013), Feira da Música (Fortaleza/2009), Viva La Woman III (São Paulo/2009), Grito Rock (Porto Alegre/2008), República do Rock (Porto Alegre/2008), PIB (São Paulo/2007), Morrostock (Sapiranga/2007).

Members: LauraL (guitar), Guilherme Thiesen Netto (drums) and invited drummers.


Info sheet: info sheet _ M.i.p.V 2015


more links:     www.youtube.com/nusicasinterminaveis








Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (M.i.p.V) spielt Instrumental Trip Rock, kombiniert mit verschiedenen Sounds und Rhythmen, nur mit Gitarre und Schlagzeug. Die Band wurde von LauraL gegründet und hatte ihren ersten Auftritt in Porto Alegre (Brasilien 2004). 2006 kam ihre erste CD heraus. 2011-2012 kam die zweite “M.i.p.V II” (Solaris Empire/Broken Silence). M.i.p.V komponierte Soundtracks für Theater, Film und Fernsehen und tourte durch Brasilien und Europa.




Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (M.i.p.V) faz trip rock instrumental (ambient rock/post-rock). O projeto autoral estreou em abril de 2004, em Porto Alegre (RS/Brasil), foi criado pela guitarrista LauraL e teve seu primeiro disco (homônimo) lançado em 2006. A banda está desde 2009 baseada em Berlim (Alemanha), onde lançou seu segundo disco, “M.i.p.V II” (2011-2012/Solaris Empire/Broken Silence). LauraL toca com bateristas convidados, entre eles Pitchu Ferraz e Guilherme Tiesen Neto,  e já passaram pela banda os bateristas Marcelo Sirtoli e Dudu Essarts (Brasil), Marie Leao e Santiago Rodrigues (Alemanha), além de participacoes em alguns shows como Michel Munhoz, Bruno Cupim, Lasse Ulve e Gil Delindro, entre outros.





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