album ‘passagens’

The album ‘passagens’, that brings a LauraL’s collaboration with the musician João Desmarques, was released today, May 25th.2021, by the label and collective Associação Terapêutica do Ruído (ATR), from Lisbon, Portugal.

“passagens” (or “passageways”) is the result of an improvisation session at Desmarques’s house on January 2021, taking advantage of another passage by Brazilian musician and artist Laura Leiner (aka LauraL) in Lisbon. The two guitarists met for the first time when their bands, dUASsEMIcOLCHEIASiNVERTIDAS (aka dSCi) and Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (Endless music for Tripping), aka MipV, shared the stage on May 1, 2012 in Berlin.

It was also the first time that they played together and all the themes are improvisations in the “Echtzeitmusik” style (composition in real time). Recorded with a digital stereo recorder, the tracks of “passagens” are in the sequence in which they were created and after being cut and mixed by Laura in Berlin, they are now edited by ATR with the cover by Raf Cruz, Portuguese designer and artist specialized in collages.

passagens, by Desmarques/Leiner _ live streaming and Digital format:

video ‘passagem 27’

cover passagens, by Desmarques/Leiner, released on May 25th, 2021, by Associação Terapêutica do Ruído (ATR), Lisbon, Portugal

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