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Sonic Sound Space and Vorspiel CTM Festival

Guitarist LauraL, now also acting as Laura.aLL, is the head of the project Sonic Sound Space, that since 2019 is creating a new room for experimental music, sonic experiments and experimental art in Berlin. The project will take place on Feb. 12th ad 13th at Galerie ZeitZone, but it will be also live streamed for the world. Different connections in a new way to be online. The relationships changed with the pandemic, or just concretized our distances, and we live in a hybrid world now, live and online.

Sonic Sound Space brings together many artists from the Berliner independent scene, and Laura.aLL will also play on Feb. 13th. Stay tuned for this great lineup:

Feb.12th, Saturday, Afghanistan Mon Amour (Marquadt /Power – accidental guitar, synthesizer, experimental), Elsye Suquilanda & Jarno Eerola (Poetry & electronic music), Agente Costura (electronics, sewing machine/Nähmaschine), Laura Mello (performance, electronics), Llikettim (aka Friedrich Greiling, Mittekill – something experimental).

Feb.13th, Sunday, _ Claudius (electronics, experimental), Sofía Salvo (improvised, Sax), Laura.aLL (aka LauraL, ambient, electronics), Korhan Erel (electronics, synthesizers), JD Zazie (experimental DJ, Avant-Turntablist)

Laura also managed to get the project approved in the Musikfonds call for proposals, an institute that funds “contemporary music of all genres in its diversity and complexity”. “The Musikfonds focuses on highly ambitious music that understands art as an end in itself, as an existential-creative necessity or a consequence of an indispensable will to express oneself, and is not commercially oriented.”

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Vorspiel CTM Festival 2022 _ Laura.all @ Galerie ZeitZone, Jan. 28th 2022

Laura will present a new concert-installation-performance of her Abstract Shadows series. Dark ambient, field recordings, electroacoustic.

Laura.all leads us through a landscape that is being shaped by each noise, drone, sounds of public spaces, notes and modulations in the midst of delays, distortions and loops, that sometimes reveal a real urban environment, sometimes transport us to a dark, unknown, inhospitable scenario, that reveals itself intrinsic to our daily lives, giving us a new reading of our everyday sounds.

Laura.aLL – Abstract Shadows II @ Aterro project (by ATR), Club Desterro, Lisbon, Jan.2021

infos & links:

Vorspiel – transmediale & CTM Festival

Laura.aLL _ Soundcloud collection

11.11.2011 _ 11.11.2021 _ ten years album’s debut in Berlin

Exactly ten years ago, on 11.11.2011, the album M.i.p.V II was released by Solaris Empire label in Berlin. An instrumental trip rock, minimal, psychedelic, post-punk happening. It was an amazing night @ Kingkongklub, produced by amSTARt. Time runs, other sonorities come, things happen, even a worldwide pandemic has shaken our art making or artistic practice, enough time for new discoveries, inner transformantions, deep listenings, new sounds, new ideas and creations. We are sharing here some memories of these first moments in Germany. (with Marie Leão and Santiago Rodrigues on drums)

cover M.i.p.V II

album ‘passagens’

The album ‘passagens’, that brings a LauraL’s collaboration with the musician João Desmarques, was released today, May 25th.2021, by the label and collective Associação Terapêutica do Ruído (ATR), from Lisbon, Portugal.

“passagens” (or “passageways”) is the result of an improvisation session at Desmarques’s house on January 2021, taking advantage of another passage by Brazilian musician and artist Laura Leiner (aka LauraL) in Lisbon. The two guitarists met for the first time when their bands, dUASsEMIcOLCHEIASiNVERTIDAS (aka dSCi) and Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (Endless music for Tripping), aka MipV, shared the stage on May 1, 2012 in Berlin.

It was also the first time that they played together and all the themes are improvisations in the “Echtzeitmusik” style (composition in real time). Recorded with a digital stereo recorder, the tracks of “passagens” are in the sequence in which they were created and after being cut and mixed by Laura in Berlin, they are now edited by ATR with the cover by Raf Cruz, Portuguese designer and artist specialized in collages.

passagens, by Desmarques/Leiner _ live streaming and Digital format:

video ‘passagem 27’

cover passagens, by Desmarques/Leiner, released on May 25th, 2021, by Associação Terapêutica do Ruído (ATR), Lisbon, Portugal

keep doing in 2021!

Dear friends, we hope that this new year has found all you healthy and with energy to go through these times of uncertainty and new challenges. The cultural area is still without a good prospects for this year, but we will keep working and developing new sounds, new videos and maybe some new live streaming to make this times more enjoyable and exciting for you.

Stay safe and take care, soon we have more news!

LauraL playing @ Club Desterro, Lisbon, jan.2021

M.i.p.V online

live streaming

MorroLive M.i.p.V – Músicas intermináveis para Viagem online

(portuguese below)

MorroLive Project presents live streaming with the band M.i.p.V – aka Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (Endless music for Tripping)

Porto Alegre + Berlin

Oct. 24th .2020
4pm (Brazil) – 8pm (Berlin-Germany)

online event, live on Morrostock Festival channels (youtube, Twitch, Facebook – links below)

The musicians LauraL (guitar, Berlin) and Dudu Essarts (drums, Porto Alegre) play in different cities in live streaming of the band M.i.p.V, presented by producer and musician Paulo Zé Barcellos, also director of the Morrostock festival.

In addition to the online concert, there will be a chat with the artists and special downloads promotions for the band’s complete discography. _ _ @Morrostock _


MorroLive M.i.p.V – Músicas intermináveis para Viagem online

Projeto MorroLive apresenta live streaming com a banda Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (aka M.i.p.V)

Porto Alegre + Berlim

às 16h (Brasil) – 20h (Berlim-Alemanha) ( Berlin UTC+2)

evento online, ao vivo nos canais do festival Morrostock

Os músicos LauraL (guitar, Berlin) e Dudu Essarts (drums, Porto Alegre) tocam em diferentes cidades em live streaming da banda M.i.p.V, apresentada pelo produtor e músico Paulo Zé Barcellos, também diretor do festival.

Além do show online, acontecerá um bate-papo com os artistas e promoções especiais de downloads da discografia completa da banda. _ @Morrostock _

Supported by / Projeto apoiado pela Secretaria da Cultura do RS em parceria com a Universidade Feevale e Feevale Techpark. (Edital Fac-Digital)
@RS.sedac @feevale @feevaletechpark
@Feevale @sedac_rs
@feevale @feevaletechpark

Dudu Essarts and LauraL

2020: a challenge for all artists

This year would be a great year for us, with a planed M.i.p.V‘s tour in Europe with LauraL and the Brazilian drummer Pitchu Ferraz, supported also by the drummer Dudu Essarts, but all of us know the cultural shutdown in the world due the corona pandemic.

We will inform you about new possible concerts in the second half of 2020 and we hope to see you all again soon!

And we also hope all you are healthy and strong. And if you can, stay at home and have patience to wait for a right moment to keep on your way.

Visit our platforms on bandcamp, facebook, youtube or soundcloud, like our posts and subscribe our pages, for sure it will contribute with our work! Thanks.

LauraL @ Gig Bar 3

M.i.p.V _  with LauraL (guitar) @ Gig Bar, São Carlos-SP, Brazil, 2016, pic by Paulo Henrique


M.i.p.V 15 anos _ concerts in Brazil – 2019


Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (M.i.p.V) @ Casa Obscura

+ Bramir  (experimental/noise) 

Porto Alegre-RS-Brazil

more infos:

flyer obscura 13.12



LauraL solo set (experimental/ambient) @ Morrostock Festival

Santa Maria-RS-BR



LauraL solo set (experimental/ambient) @ Casa Obscura, Porto Alegre-BR

+ EX + Subespectro

more infos:


M.i.p.V 15 anos / M.i.p.V 15 years

dias 6, 7 e 8 de setembro de 2019

@ Sala Álvaro Moreyra, Centro Municipal de Cultura, Porto Alegre-RS

A Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (aka M.i.p.V) completa 15 anos em 2019 e faz uma temporada dias 6, 7 e 8 de setembro, na Sala Álvaro Moreyra, em Porto Alegre, cidade onde a banda iniciou em 2004.

Serão três dias de instalações, shows, projeção de vídeo, música experimental, instrumental e trip rock.
E de resistencia artística contra o desmonte da cultura e do país!!

Nos shows na Sala Alvaro Moreyra, a M.i.p.V fará uma retrospectiva de seus três álbuns, dedicando uma noite para cada trabalho, com participação de músicos experimentais locais (Tizana Scur, Isabel Nogueira, Al Sand & Abneg), projeções de vídeos da artista, VJ e cineasta biAh werRTher, dirct painting com o artsita plástico, cartunista e ilustrador Fabio Zimbres e performance experimental da guitarrista LauraL.

more infos and program:

Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (Endless music for Tripping), aka M.i.p.V, turns 15 in 2019 and makes concerts on September 6, 7 and 8 at Sala Álvaro Moreyra in Porto Alegre, the city where the band started in 2004.

There will be three days of installations, concerts, video projections, instrumental and experimental music, psychedelic, post-punk and trip rock.

mipvfinal logo_web


2019 _ news _ M.i.p.V turns 15!

new music video is now online!




flyer loophole foto 2c web



* new stuffs coming out this year!

In 2019 M.i.p.V turns 15!

In 2019 we will release a “lost tape” called “3 Variations”, with tracks recorded in 2015 in Berlin, but only now this material is edited and in a process of mixing and mastering.

This forgotten album, with dark ambient and doom jazz influences, with only three long tracks, will be released in Digital, Tape (K7) and CD formats. The K7 will bring the new tracks on side A, and side B with a M.i.p.V’s compilation of our three albums.

And the release concert will take place in Berlin. More infos soon!




** new video releases (23.04.2019)

Bring me your sea that I give you my ocean, music released as a single in 2014 and later in 2016 as a track of the album Modus Continuous, will be the first music video of this third album. With the sea in the ‘lead role’, the video is ready and just waiting for a release concert in Berlin, on April.23.2019.

Also the track After the Earthquake and some video of concerts are in the line.

And we hope to see all you in the next concerts, soon we have some dates to be announced.




* * next concerts

M.i.p.V turns 15! , Yellow Castle Nacht #2

23.April.2019 @ Loophole, Berlin

The celebrations of the 15 years of Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (aka M.i.p.V) start on April.23.2019, in the project Yellow Castle Nacht#2, with LauraL (guitar) and guests @ Loophole, Berlin.

Featuring Ignatz bee (M.i.p.V Pocket, Rudolf), Scheng Fou (Guts Pie Earshot) and Marie Leão (Rainhas do Norte)

+ release video “Bring me your sea that I give you my ocean”

+ Unicorn Partisans (punk disco/ techno crust, Leipzig), premiere in Berlin

+ Klang#030 DJ set

online event:


M.i.p.V solo set                                                                                                                            LauraL, guitar                                                                                                                                    trip rock, post-punk 

April.30 @ Neon Kunst Galerie

Herrfurthstrasse 23, Berlin-Neukölln


more infos:


flyer loophole foto 2c web