M.i.p.V _ research and music production

M.i.p.V is in a creative modus. With the support of Musikfonds / Neustart Kultur /BKM, and a grant (called FEB-II) for music research and recover of the time and work lost in the pandemic, we started the production of a new album.

We select here some images of these jam sessions, rehearsals, travels and meetings of Laura.aLL (guitars), Ignacio Villa (synth, samplers) and Gil Delindro (drums, electronics) that happend during the three months grant, from February till end April.

Enjoy and hopefully we can meet all you in some concert soon!

Ignacio Villa (left), Laura.aLL, Gil Delindro (right): M.i.p.V’s meeting at the temporary Delindro’s Atelier (his artist residency) at VARC, England